कश्मीर तो खुद ही एक पेंटिंग है

अभी हम श्रीनगर पहुंचे नहीं थे. शहर के बाहर पहली रेड लाइट पर रुके थे. बगल में रुकी स्कूटी, मोटरसाइकिल वाले कभी हमें देखते…कभी हरी बुलेट को. बायीं तरफ स्कूटी पर बैठा आदमी मुस्कुरा रहा था. हम भी मुस्कुरा दिए. बत्ती हरी हुई और हम बढ़े. स्कूटी पीछे पीछे आई…..कहां से आए हो दिल्ली से..हमने[…]

That Face on the wall smiles…

‘‘I wanted to marry the most beautiful women and I did marry the most beautiful one in the college.’’ Sudesh Gupta loves beauty and that was his only condition for marriage. It was 1978 when background of the family mattered the most in the matters of marriage. In those times marriages were said to be[…]

”I was beaten up for painting”

Thirteen year old Anil has big eyes and they are searching for something all the time. It sparked when he saw us opening the colour bag. “Aaap painting kartey ho?” (you guys paint?) he asked with glitters in his eyes. He was asked by the family we were staying with, to assist us in the[…]