Rainbow in Mountains

The Artologue journey reached mountains this time in the scenic land of Srinagar in Uttarakhand. Yes there is a Srinagar in Uttarakhand as well. We were invited by the Rainbow public school to work with their students.

The owners of the school were surprised about how we fund our endeavor and we explained that we love to get paid but we don’t fix any charges. You pay whatever you want to pay if you liked us and our work.

So having said that, this time we will take you on a visual journey of photographs rather than words. so here comes the Rainbow journey. Please do read the captions and if you want to invite us mail us on meejha@gmail.com


Selected 52 pupils from the school who had interest in art. We asked what they wanted to become and half of the class raised hands to become either doctor or engineer. Then we explained about us and asked ” Tell us what is your dream profession, leave the parents desires and do not think of obstacles.” Surprisingly we got two Astronauts, one fashion designer, two singers, three cricketers, five army men, a forest officer,  one doctor and two engineers. Who says kids don’t dream.


We asked each of them to draw a face and design it as they wish. The girl who wanted to be a doctor drew the most intricate pattern on the face she made.

IMG_2804We got a corridor to paint. Colors came out. The artist sat down with the teachers and the principal (in saree) to guide students on how to paint on the wall. They thought that workshop will end with the pencil-paper sketches but wall was the real fun, they realized later.


We found this one quite intriguing. Two boys decided to work together while the rest  of then were working individually. In their drawing a pair of peacocks formed a face. This could stand for their friendship as well. The whole design was quite innovative. Kids can come up with anything. These two guys impressed us in the beginning.


As usual girls were meticulous in their work. They drew the outlines with chalks and then used colors. later they removed the chalk lines with clothes. quite beautiful. Isn’t it?


More faces came alive with time. Boys drew characters from video games but girls made faces with their imagination. They made beauties. Boys made beasts. Understandable.


And Now the turn of teachers to fulfill their desire to paint. They worked on the sketches made by students to make them more beautiful.


OH SO LOVELY……..Iam out of captions for this one.


Second day – working with kinder garten kids..What do you think we are going to do with leaves and flowers………we will make colors out of it.


WOOOO-HOO- look what we have made. Organic paintings……ha ha ha….all with organic colors.


And now the time for some Kuccchhhhi-koooo…love….oh that’s kid language….Jey was mobbed by Nursery kids and he is loving it.



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