Flying with Pari in Goa

IMG_0412Goa was our holiday destination but we ended up painting in a 200 year old Portuguese house there.

It was all unplanned. Someone referred us to Ravi and Kasia. Neither we nor they were sure whether the painting was going to happen or not.

We had a small chat on phone and decided to meet them over breakfast and then decide. The meeting went till lunch and by the time we left, Meenakshi knew exactly what to paint on the wall.

It would be difficult to explain how we connected because Ravi is from Gorakhpur and Kasia is from Poland. Ravi has been a trained pilot and Kasia a Model.

Interestingly enough kasia has also modelled for BBC. Yes the world is so small.

Now the couple lives in Goa. Ravi has a business and Kasia wants to spend time with Pari.

Pari- nine months old lovely daughter of Ravi and Kasia. Giggling, happy and cheerful Pari took our heart. I think Pari was the main point of our connection.

In between Breakfast-Lunch and playing with pari, Kasia told us that she would love to have some ‘nature’ on the walls. Meenakshi decided to paint a tree with the tender morning sun. Perhaps on the way to Ravi’s place in the early morning hours, Meenakshi saw the Orange sun and it enchanted her.

Painting started next day. Ravi and Kasia came a few times to ask us if we need something. But as the painting progressed their visits became more frequent and longer as well. Without realizing, they were hooked to the painting.


Once the outline of tree was complete, Kasia exclaimed in amazement- “Do you know this tree looks like the one from which my family name has been derived.

The Family tree and Polish names

We wondered how was that possible. How could a tree name be a family name?

Kasia explained that her full name is Katarzyna Wierzbicka. The family name Wierzbicka comes from the name of the village Wierzbica. The village was named Wierzbica because it was full of the Wierzba tree.

The tree painted by Meenakshi on the wall looked like the Wierzba Tree, explained Kasia.

Now it was our turn to be amazed in surprise.


Kasia informed us that this tree for her is like a healing tree. She said-” I never thought that the tree will be like this. The branches falling down freely. I can really feel a connection with this tree as this looks like my Wierzba tree.”

Meenakshi has never seen or heard of that tree but she painted something from her imagination which had a connection with the host’s family.

That’s why I always say that Artists can connect to anybody’s soul. Otherwise how can you explain this connection?


After we completed the tree, the leaves were coloured by Kasia, Ravi and Shakuntla. (Shakuntla helps kasia in domestic work and looking after their baby).

But we also wanted Pari to be part of the painting and we devised a way.

We coloured Pari’s feet and made her walk near the painting.

For us now the painting was complete and we had established a beautiful relationship with the family.

Life and Journey should be unplanned like this. We cherish our Goa stint. It was all destiny I believe which led us to Pari, Kasia and Ravi- we feel part of this family now.


In retrospect….Iam realizing we painted the family on the wall. Ravi is Sun in Hindi. Kasia’s family name comes from Tree and the flowers are Pari. The birds above are we. Flying and meeting them.

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