Building blocks of life….and much more

When we have great hosts we end up painting more. That’s what happened in Amnour village of Vaishali. so this blog will have more pictures and endless pleasure we had in the rural setting.

Meenakshi preparing the colrs

The work in Amnour started with Meenakshi arranging and mixing the colors.

Kids ready to paint

Next Jey had to help kids to prepare for the painting. Meenakshi is making the basic sketch.

The hand prints

Awesome kid, one of the youngest from LKG wanted to color the whole wall then suddenly she wanted to pose.

rabbits and snails

Now some serious work. Elder kids came forward to fine tune the hand print painting made by nursery kids.

Everyone will paint

Rural life- A Tree, a house, a rabbit, a snail, sky, flowers…all painted with the help of hand prints.

Building blocks

The school is few years old and still the buildings are in progress. Meenakshi got this idea of building blocks from there…and why not.Schools are also building blocks of life.

painting completed with hand printsMeanwhile kids from the nursery completed their painting. They are fast. now they wanted to do more…

the kodak moment

Hey Jey…Click my picture……Kids are smart these days….everyone got the chance to paint one block at least.

waiting for their chance

Mera Number Kab Aayega….Oh Sorry..these kids are asking…When will we get the chance to paint….Meenakshi said-SOON and they surely painted their share of blocks.

The completed oneAlmost completed Blocks. It was not easy controlling kids but we managed to work with 150 kids.

Help from another painter

Shamshad is a local painter who came forward to make the black outlines…Tough job but he felt appreciate by us.

The group photo

All the kids of the school..They came for the group photo. You can see the long wall with blocks giving a wavy feeling.

Lets go to school

Next Day….New wall …same school….Typical Meenakshi’s idea to paint kids going to school. This time teachers painted.

One more sketch

Meenakshi made the primary sketch and then fine tuned the whole work. lot to do…but Meenakshi was determined.detailed

The work….Lets go to school in full detail. Happy kids going to school. It looks awesome ..Isn’t it?

Masti time

And Now the Masti time….Jey and Meenakshi…..Lets do the photo session…..where is the cameraman

more funWe wanted to capture the happiness we were feeling. Jey was saying…….guess guess……I love you Meenakshi.

Complete one

And Yes the whole picture of Lets Go to School…Before I forgot to upload the full picture.

Meenakshi with building blocks

Meenakshi wanted to get her photo clicked with the Building blocks…She liked this one….

with the host shekhar

Here is Shekhar, Our friend and host. we came to paint one wall….and ended up painting three…all because of him. our eyes were moist when we said goodbye to Shekhar.

More fun by Jey

I liked the Lets go to school Idea most so ……I got one more picture with that painting.

Last pic but not the leastLast Picture but not the least… Our Bihar-Jharkhand rural India trip is still one. Hope to meet wonderful people and make amazing murals on the walls and in the hearts of people we meet.

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