Artologue gets covered in ‘The Hindu’


The west coast trip has ended on 4th of march. There is so much to be written. The last blog from Chennai will come shortly but before that we would like to share a good piece of news.

Artologue gets a coverage in the most respectable newspaper of India- The Hindu.

The reporter came to meet us in IIT Madras where we were painting. In bet
ween smoothing the wall to paint, we chatted with Akila for around two hours about our experience.

She went back and wrote about our journey and gave a perfect headline- Art for people’s sake.

Here is the link from The Hindu to read.

we would also like to all our readers who read the blogs and supported us in many ways. Pratyush Pushkar wrote a nice poem for us. Poem and many other reactions from FB will be shared shortly.

On facebook- people like Sanjay Jha Mastan, Pervaiz Alam, Gita Madhu and many others encouraged us. many others whom we haven’t met. we will tag all of them on Facebook on a thanking note.

Many others ( I dont want to take names because they sent a private message on Facebook). sent private messages and encouraged us.

we would like to thank all of them. those messages meant a lot during the travel.

Please keep coming to the blog. The Chennai Experience we will share shortly and many more thing to write- about our new plans as well.

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