I in Togetherness- Week 33-42

I in Togetherness: journey of a couple in 52 weeks as couple and as individuals.

Week 33 Theme: Gods

Jey Sushil : Though Mee and Jey are not religious as such but they have their own favourite gods, their own likings for Gods. Jey is fond of Hanuman since his childhood, though he had a brush with krishna, kali, Durga and many others but he is really fond of Hanuman the monkey God. For Jey, Hanuman is easy to approach as God, accessible as the temples are everywhere, the color saffron is Jey’s one of the favourite color. Hanuman is without any complexes, has a clarity and can see through things. Also he doesn’t know about his strengths, Jey likes these qualities and the relation hanuman has with nature which most attracts Jey towards goddess Hanuman.

There is another aspect. As a kid Jey was scared of ghosts and he is still scared of darkness. As a kid, his maternal grandfather taught him to recite hanuman chalisa so that ghosts don’t trouble him. Jey remembers it even now. One of those poems which he can recite at any moment. That chalisa which is devoid of complex sanskritised mantras is one of the oldest memory of Jey in terms of Gods.

For Mee it is shiva and she likes Shiva for various reasons. The beauty, the attire, the madness, the color, his relation with Sati and Parvati, Shiva can be a lovable god, Jey agrees but prefer Hanuman who is more reachable for him.

According to mythology, Hanuman was an incarnation of Shiva in the Treta Yuga durng the age of Ramayana. Shiva took the form of hanuman to accompany Vishnu who took the form of Rama.

Mee and Jey can go on about mythology for days as it is one of their favourite topics.

That’s the God story for the day.

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MEE as a young girl used to adore a painted photo of Shiva sitting cross legged in meditation. For her God was Mahadev Shiva: austere, pleasant half smile , serene face, pashupati who loved humans and animals equally, a Yogi and a Bhogi with no boundations, an unmatched lover, a man complete with woman, a caring husband and a good father. Shiva is as divine as humane. For MEE Shiva became a hot topic to read about and paint. Often Shiva appears in her arts.

JEY on the other hand only prays to Celebate Hanuman. His connection with Hanuman started as a kid. His elder brothers used to scare him with darkness and evil forces. As a remedy to his brothers foul plays he memorized Hanuman Chalisa as advised by his mother/ some elder. So till today all JEY does during his prayer time is repeat Hanuman Chalisa over and over again.

It is interesting that Hanuman is believed to be an incarnation of Shiva. Thus I spite of Mee & Jey pray to two different divine forms, in reality they are the same.

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Week 34: Theme: Films and TV

Jey Sushil : Films have been an integral part of Mee and Jey like anyone else though there interests differ a lot. Jey grew up on a diet of Bollywood films right from Sholay to Govinda and later on he was a big fan of shahrukh. Now he avoids watching Bollywood at all. Jey has seen a lot of arty type movies in his adolescence even without understanding the subtle way of storytelling. Later as an adult he realised about films like Meghe Dhaka Tara and Pather Panchali which he watched on DD as a kid.

Jey was exposed to Hollywood and world cinema during his college days in JNU where he dived into the Iranian and English cinema and films like Schindler’s List and Turtles Can Fly. Though he is also a big fan of Johnny depp and Pirates of Caribbean series.

Last year Jey decided to indulge in serious cinema and he was lucky to get a collection of almost all the best cinema from all over the world. From Nolan to Cameroon, Bela Start, Cohen brothers, Majid Majidi, Fellini etc. In next five years he has decide to watch one movie a week.

And Yes Mee is more of a romantic cinegoer. She likes Sex and City series, Halle berry, Anne Hathaway, Drew Barrymore and all the family drama by Adam Sandler. She can cry in any sad scene or happy scenes in the movies.

The point of contention between Mee and Jey is the action films. Jey loves them. Mee hates them so Jey watches action flicks when Mee is not at home.

In terms of films we have different paths. We probably like our alter egos….the characters of Carrie Bradshaw and captain jack sparrow (portrayed in the photo)

That’s the filmy story of the day.

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This week is about the imaginary world of movies. Mee and Jey likes watching movies as their favorites personal time. A time when they sit together watching movies already seen many times before more as an excuse to be on each other’s side than watching movies.

While Mee is a die hard romantic movies lover, Jey just loves watching movies of all genre, all times and all subjects. Mee loves movies that are women driven like Sex and the City, Charlie’s Angels, Cat Woman, The Devil Wears Prada and many more that talks about life of Women of different places, times and cultures. Mee also loves watching Mummy swords, Pirates of the Caribbean, Treasure Hunt etc. She watches action movies to accompany Jey. Her favourite heroin is Hall Berry, a woman so powerful, sensuous and confident as to redefine Womanhood altogether.

Jey loves watching movies packed with action that could have romance, adventure or social issues bedded in it. He hates watching ghost movies. MEE & JEY can watch some movies back to back like Pirates of the Caribbean.

Today Mee has embraced the wild fashion for this Saturday series, While Jey has tries to become his favourite hero Caption Jack Sparrow.

It is interesting that Mee can never carry makeup in real life but she loves super fashionable bold women and Jey is too cautious to be Jack Sparrow but he love this character and hero. We like what we wish to be but can never dare try becoming one.

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Week 35: Theme: Food 

Jey Sushil : Mee and Jey have altogether different food habits. Jey eats every two hours and can’t eat a proper meal. He doesn’t understand when he is hungry and that was the biggest challenge for Mee when they started living together.

Jey became cranky whenever he is hungry but he still doesn’t know that he is hungry.it took a lot of time and patience for Mee to understand the eating habit of Jey. Now Jey gets something to eat every few hours.

Jey has finest metabolic activity. If he eats something spicy, his body will react within few hours. Though he is not very touchy about food but has strong likes and dislikes. His despises spicy food especially anything cooked with red chilly.

For Mee she eats staple meals, doesn’t east food at all, can mix and match any food and make it edible for Jey. Sometimes Jey gets irritated with constant poking by Mee about eating but otherwise they have reached the balance point. Whenever Jey asks for Tea or gets irritated, Mee gives him something to eat and he soothes down.

Both Mee and Jey maintains equal weight despite different food habits. How it happens is a mystery to us as well but we are happy to be the way we are.

That’s the food story for the day.

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Mee& Jey had a tough time adjusting with each other’s eating habits. While Mee barely drinks sattu/milk in breakfast at 6 am, a two roti meal in lunch and two roti meal in dinner with loads of vegetable and curry, Jey is a frequent eater. He eats little and eats frequently. While Mee is raised as a disciplined kid who eats every vegetable with equal apatite, Jey is very abstemious. He would eat little bit of everything and does not enjoy eating anything twice unless it is too tasty to avoid.

When Mee came to live with Jey, she had little idea about Jey’s eating pattern. High on energy and low on diet, Jey would demand food every three hours. At times Jey would wake up post mid night and request Mee who used to study at night, to prepare milk-roti for him. Initially Mee tried to behave like a ‘perfect’ wife but soon she realised it was not a good way of dealing with this problem. She began keeping a good stock of dry fruits, fruits, snacks and easy food ready all the time. This not just unburdened Mee physically, who was a student and working at the same time, but also the guilt of keeping Jey hungry (and angry) for longer than he could bear.

Over the years Mee realised another contrast between them. While Mee gets slow with hunger, Jey gets angry. He begins to over react and gets restive. Initially this would baffle Mee but soon she made it a habit to pass eatables to Jey every course of hours to keep his fueled and happy.

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Week 36 : Theme : Date and Names

Jey Sushil: The life has Dates and Names to identify the time and individuals as we grow. These properties of people have very different connotations.for Mee and Jey it has been a constant point of laugh, anger and small fights but mostly of laughs.

Jey doesn’t remember dates. For him Dates are nightmares. Even though he was a good student of History but he can never remember dates. He also forgets important dates in his life and its natural for him. Especially with the birth dates, Jey is quite forgetful. It happened many times that he doesn’t even remembers his own birthday because he doesn’t celebrate birthdays.

The most iconic incident in the life of Mee and Jey happened when Jey came for one day from London to celebreate Mee’s Birthday and while trying to surprise Mee, Jey was told that he got the date wrong. Though Jey was told the date many a times.

Mee has a very different story altogether. She remembers all the dates and yes she is post graduate in History with good grades. Though she doesn’t remember names. She mostly recognizes people by face and forget names of even close friends. You can find Mee in a puzzled look when she doesnt remember the name of person standing in front of him. In those time Jey comes to rescue as he doesn’t forget names.

Jey is good with names and he doesn’t forget people easily. People following him on social meida can understand this better. If someone has commented or shared his posts, Jey remembers such people and can explain whenever they meet.

But Not with days. Jey thinks that dates are myths to confuse people. Every day should be memorable and memories should not be confined to any date. Dates are just numbers it’s not life. Life is what you do on any particular day.

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Mee has hard time remembering names until they are too unique to forget. Jey is brilliant with names even if they are foreign in origin. It is interesting that despite Mee studied History which is about names and dates, she could only remember dates and would leave blank spaces for names to be filled as and when she would recall them even during her exams.

There have been several instances when Mee would forget names of people she is talking to, including names of people like Jey and her dear friends. It is very awkward for her to go on conversing while trying hard to recall the name. It is really funny that Mee would remember every little detail about people but their names.

An (hopefully) ultimate incident was when during her own solo exhibition Mee forgot her own name. But that was just once.

While Jey is exactly the opposite. He remembers names of people he has read about, talked to or conversed on social media after long period of times. While he just messes with dates and numbers. Often Jey would confuse different dates with different events.

Once Jey came to India from London to surprise Mee on her birthday. As he confused her birth date with her sisters, he took a safe journey a day before and went back a date late.

Mee and Jey come to each other’s rescue on several occasions when it comes to names and dates.

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Week 37: Theme: Marriage

Jey Sushil: It has been seven years since Mee and Jey decided to live together. A decision to leave their Identity partially and grow together. The seven years have been a roller coaster kind of ride. From the unhappy, dissatisfied families to pangs of depression, anxiety caused as Mee and Jey lived together.

The decision to live together was solemnized by the ritual called marriage. Mee and Jey wanted to the rituals as they like them but they modifies it according to their own wish.

Mee and Jey decide to marry in a temple so that they can do the small rituals and invite people to participate in their joy. The court marriage was not something preferred by either Mee or Jey. No cards..they invited people through messages.

Jey went to marry on his old Gypsy and Mee walked with him and came to her new pad on that Gypsy.

Without any support from their families, Mee and Jey built their life from scratch with the Goodwill’s of their friends.

Today is the seventh anniversary of their living together..oh sorry it is on 22nd january..but we decided to relive the experience and share the joy in the series.

Mee is wearing the same dress and makeup she wore on her marriage. Jey got a new headgear made by Mee.

The feeling is awesome. Mee wanted to marry because she loved Jey. Jey married Mee because he wanted the company.

They are still not man and wife..they are still best friends as they used to be before 22jan 2010…and Mee-Jey wants to die like friends.

Mee and Jey could have even lived together without marriage but the they wanted to have fun so they did all they wanted to do and planned the marriage. Each and everything they wore that day was hand picked and choose by both of them.

That was beginning of I in Togetherness…. #marriage #meeandjey #meejey #I #Togetherness #life #lifeofacouple #lifepartner


Mee & Jey met, fought and quarrelled before getting married to each other. Their romance was not the ‘love at first sight’ and neither they had a smooth walk to marriage.

Over 8 years they walked through rough path of love with each other fighting with their parents for their love.

A lot of convincing and conflicts finally led to a super simple marriage ritual at an Area Samaj Mandir in New Delhi. Mee & Jey had decided to get married in a simple manner (without any invitation card ) to save money, to defy social norm of pomp and show and also against the dowry system.

Their marriage took place on a Cold Friday afternoon on January 22nd under a budget of 3000 rupees.

It was attended by approximately 300 friends and family. One of the most memorable and important day in the life of Mee and Jey is reminder of their struggles, fight against orthodox social norms, useless rituals and customs.

Marriage for them is a psychological process to mark a transition in their life, beginning of a new phase.

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Week 38: Theme: Objects

Jey Sushil : Mee and Jey have few things common and one of them is collecting things/objects. The role of these objects in their life is yet to be defined but both are fanatic in terms of picking random objects, buying stuff which no one would buy and crying for things people are not at all interested in.

Few years back Mee and Jey were walking in Hauz khas village and in a dilapidated buliding, they found a sculpture of a lady buddha. It was in a real bad condition. Both of them felt a longing for the sculpture and paid an insane amount to buy that. That lady is our prized possession at home and we treat her like our baby.

It was rare for Mee and Jey to spot and single out objects to acquire though they have very different choice. Jey normally collects handmade caps, musical instruments (souvenirs), dolls, masks and random things.

As a kid Jey had a huge collection of pens which he lost. Mee picks up leaves, seeds, sticks, soil, old piece of furniture from roadside shops and mundane things.

Their madness for such objects have led them to an art journey as well. Now in their art trip artologue they also collect objects from places they visit. They exhibited these objects in 2015 by the name of shared memoirs in India Habitat Centre.

The madness to collect objects still on and those who have seen the pictures of our house can relate to it easily.

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Mee is a person who lives in her own world collecting fallen flowers decorating her hair, colorful leaves making frills and dried seeds to make necklaces and wall hangings.

Mee is always a little lost, busy in her own mind working out ways to make use of her treasured collectionnof leaves, feathers, seeds and flowers.

She believes in do-it-yourself. And she does most of the designing of dresses, ornaments, home decor general set up herself. A creative head, she is barely free in her mind ever.

In her crazy world of small but beautiful things, Jey added few more colors. He is another collector of objects who keeps adding all kinds of typical regional objects (arts and crafts). So over the years he has a collection of different kinds of traditional musical instruments like Been made of bottle gourd, bhonpu, damru, turhi and Kutchi dolls, embroidered pieces from Bengal, Odisha, Gujarat, Bihar and Rajasthan. He also has dresses made of traditional fabrics from almost all regions of India.

Mee and Jey make a good pair of crazy heads. Jey picks ideas and Mee picks techniques of creating arts along with objects of their interests.

Their world is a beautiful den deorated with the dried leaves, feathers and seeds and the ideas of Jey.

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Week 39 :Theme: Getting photographed

Jey Sushil : Mee and Jey have very distinct relationship with getting photographed. Jey is fanatic about getting photographed and he gets himself clicked always. Whereas Mee is a bit recluse. She gets clicked only whthere is a need to do it.

The genesis of Jey ‘s madness about getting photographed lies in the childhood of sibling rivalries. As a kid, Jey never got to have his own photographs. His eldest brother got photographs clicked in various poses and Jey always felt left out. He decided then and there that whenever he will have the means , he will get himself clicked.

In college, Jey won a prize of 1000 rupees and bought a camera. With that he started getting himself photographed in various poses. Jey is interested in seeing a photograph not in photography. He realized it later. He could see his own photographs for hours and analyze about the mood it was taken. You may call him narcissist but actually it was therapeutic for Jey to say the least. It was healing to get photographed and clean the negativity he had accumulated against his brother. It was soothing for him to see those photographed. It taught him so much about himself, his insecurities and his immediate relation with his brother.

Later Jey has the luck to get photographed by some good photographers whome he met through Facebook and he loves them all.

On the other hand Mee is reclusive. She never poses for anyone except Jey. Through she is not averse to getting photographed but she hates posing. Jey still remembers the marriage reception sher Mee scolded the photographer badly for asking her to pose. She strictly decided against posing.

She gets only when it is required for a purpose and she is beautiful in photos as well.

Last but not the least, Mee is yet to click a selfie of her own. She had clicked selfie in group or with Jey but no selfie of her…. That’s our contrasting takes on getting photographed.

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Getting Photographed is a difficult task for Mee. As a result There are hardly a few photos where is in the frame.

There are several reasons why she is not very comfortable in front of camera. One of them is Mee grew up hearing she is dark skinned (among all light skinned girls), she is very slim and bony (among plump siblings) and has numerous cut marks because of her love for adventure and sports.

Growing up with these notions about her body besides being least interested in domestic arena or activities, she is hardly to be found in any family photograph.

On the other hand Jey is photo freak. He loves getting clicked and always was very comfortable with his body. He loved to dress in fancy manner and pose as Shahrukh Khan in younger days.

Now Jey loves to experiment with his hair styles (both, head and facial hair) and pose for camera.

His obsession with camera can be traced to his adolescence years. It was a time when his oldest brother got photographed and posted about it in front of Jey. In those days getting photographed and photo printing was a rare and expensive job. Probably it is Jey’s way to overcome a childhood inferiority complex that he has albums full of his photographs.

Jey is a selfie expert and Mee bursts into laughter in front of camera.

Jey is super comfortable with lens an Mee is over conscious. It is difficult job to click her photo as she is moving all the time, laughing with her eyes closed and giggling flashing her teeth.

In a way Jey is Mee’s alter ego, a super confident, a super cool poser, while Mee is a total loser in front of camera.

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Week 40:Theme: Light and Darkness

Jey Sushil: Mee and Jey are can explain themselves in terms of Light and Darkness. They have their own way of communication with light and Darkness. it is an important part of their life. Jey is fond of light whether it s sunlight, electric light or any other light. he always wants his space to be properly lit. he even watches TV with tube lights on. He can’t sleep in Dark and hates red night bulbs. he is averse to darkness at all levels.

as a kid his brothers use to scare him by switching off the lights at home and since then he associates darkness with oblivion, fear and something which is scary.

He feels suffocated if there is no light and always happy when he is in spotlight. Mee is a bit different. He want to see all but not be seen by others. She likes bright light only if it is Sun. otherwise she needs very aesthetically done sober lights. she doesn’t want a room to have too many bulbs but only adequate light which can give her a coziness to work with.

The contentious point is how to watch TV. However Jey Couple watches TV for few minutes , it’s a constant bargain and negotiation about the lights. sometimes Jey wins..otherwise Mee rules with no light during a movie.

Life goes on like that for #Jeycouple. #light #lights #deco #colorfullights #dark #darkness #darkness #fear #fearofdarkness #lightanddark #jeycouple #Jeycouple #travellingcouple #I #identity #Togethernss


Light of the day is different from light of stars. Jey loves the light of day but Mee loves the light of stars.

Jey was born in the early hours of a summer day, and first thing that he saw was the sun. Sun is his friend.

Mee opened her eyes to a full moon night on a winter evening. Moon welcomed Mee. Ever since then Mee and Moon have been inseparable.

When Jey was a kid, he was scared of night. In fact it was not the night but the lack of knowledge about what is where used to unnerve Jey. His older brothers used to leave him behind alone on dark spots to trouble him.

Even now Jey does not like to step out in darkness or in dim light where he can’t see around.

For Mee nights are like a call of her lover Moon. Darkness works like a wail for Mee who does not like to be disturbed when with her lover Moon. She sits for hours even in chilly winter nights gazing at moon, smiling and talking to him. She does not want to be seen with her lover.

Sun and moon are celestial lovers. While sun gives heat that keeps the world running, Moon gives hope that keeps all going. Jey is like the sun for Mee and Mee is like Moon for Jey. They keep each other going strong always.

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Week 41: Theme: Kids

Jeysushil: Mee and Jey both Like kids but there is a catch. Jey is extremely good with kids but only if they are small. say below 4 years till the time they don’t ask questions. The moment they ask questions they become favourite of Mee. Mee can answer their questions, engage with them and she can be their favourite friend.

Jey is difficult with kids above four. he can play with them, engage them but answering queations is difficult for Jey. Though Jey is very very good with babies. he can handle a baby for a day or two feeding them, playing with them and make them sleep.

and then Jey is good with Teen agers as well. may be because he don’t judge them at all and try to learn from them most of the time. Jey feels young with them and learnt a lot from them.

Jey has a simple funda. babies are great, teenagers can teach you a lot and one has to grow with them. In between it is difficult part which Mee can handle.

and Yes Mee and Jey have a bias…They like girls more than boys.

all the pictures you are seeing in the frame are with kids from all over India.

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Mee and Jey do not have much in common but they have try to compensate for each other’s shortcomings. Mee and Jey both loves kids. But Jey lova infants and teenagers while Mee is good with toddlers and school children.

Mee can only engage with children not intertain them. While Jey can entertain kids and not engage with them.

Engaging is a long term relationship. Entertaining is a short term friendship. Jey is not patient to answer questions of toddlers and remains their friend Jey, but Mee becomes their Didi, Buaa, aunty and mausi ,guru ji and Mamma in some cases.

It is very interesting that Jey connects to children as children, playing with them, engaging in naughty acts, getting scolded by other elders but remain in the gang of kids. She Mee instantly is tagged as a grown up and becomes the guardian who would take care of every little fancy of the kids.

In Mumbai during two of Mee’s Artologue trips, she became a Guru ji for one young girl and Mammi like figure for another girl. While Jey remained a trusted friend of both of these kids.

Mee is Buaa to a toddler in Jaipur. Another kid in Jaipur proMoted her from Aunty to mausi to didi to Mee. It is a beautiful bond that Mee shares with this kid.

Mee and Jey engage with children as per their innate nature of caring and connecting respectively.

Jey is a kid at heart, imagining boundlessly, dreaming irrationally, loving limitlessly.

Mee is little grown up girl who is caring, loving with a butterfly heart balanced by the practicalities of world.

Jey is the expanse of sky and sea, Mee is the earth, holding still, connecting each unit and giving it shape.

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Week 42: Theme- Games

Jey Sushil: Mee and Jey have been very sportier in their school days but the interest dwindled with time. Jey was a good player in his school and played football and cricket like any other youngster. football was his favourite because in jharkhand everyone played football.

Cricket hasn’t had made inroads then. Jey was good and at some point of time in his life he wanted to be a footballer but then there was no support in family which was common in that period.

Not only that, Jey lost his vision and had to wear spectacles which was a major handicap for him as a player. after that his timings as a batsman lost permanently and slowly he stopped playing.

Jey has an athletic body and he can run very fast even now. He is still fascinated with balls especially football and tries to play in weekends but then in cities he doesn’t get many players to enjoy.

Mee was a basket ball player in her school days. she still plays badminton and carom at times.

She is still quite good in basket ball but she can’t play with Jey because Jey just want to play football and Mee is all about playing with hands, no leg work.

games are something Mee and Jey miss in their lives. The city kills the sports in anyone’s life. This is what Jey feels. Mee still tries and if nothing she goes out everyday for a walk or a skipping session in park. Jey takes long walks and always misses playing football.

what a life is without games…Jey gets sad thinking on these lines.

#I #togetherwecanmakeadifference #Togetherness #games #football #cricket #citylife #citylifestyle #balls #athletic #running #walk #walks #play #meeandjey #jeycouple


Games were essential part of Mee and Jey’s young good. Mee was very good in skipping ropes, kabaddi, running and climbing as a kid. Later in school she joined basketball and gymnastics. Her flexible body is a boon.

While Jey like any other boy loved playing football and cricket. His love and knowledge for international football bagged him a seat at IIMC. Jey has a light body and is still a very good sprinter.

Over the past years in the rut of degree and life, games have taken a back seat for Mee and Jey. Though Mee tries her best to be engages in physical games like skipping, running, yoga, swimming, badminton and carom, Jey gets less time to explore the possibilities. But the enthusiasm of Mee keeps Jey enjoy running, evening walks and football.

Life changes and so should Mee and Jey evolve their living to keep it healthy and joyful. Mee and Jey are trying hard to keep that child alive who loved games.

#i #identity #togetherness #photooftheweek #photoprojects #games #football #badminton #basketball #skipping #jeycouple #meeandjey #artologue #art #artforall #artforlife #india #artistcouple


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