The tears….emotions….and the exhibit…

4India Habitat Centre gives an open space where we have displayed the digital prints of murals we have done and objects collected from various homes.
8In last 20 days more than 500 people have painted on this canvas making whatever they wanted to make. 25 ft canvas have been painted fully and we had to buy a new one.

1The little lady in blue told us that she practiced what she is going to make on the canvas. she made two butterflies and stayed for more than seven hours in the show.11Evenings and weekends were almost full with audience. everyone wanted to touch the colors.10Long shot of the first canvas which got painted in just 12 days. we were really surprised.
6Some one tried the Van Gogh style…….2These two ladies took few hours to paint then decided to make hand prints.

9This particular design by meenakshi J. who decided to put her signature on it without signing the work.3The second canvas is a kind of work in progress…

Our exhibition will remain in the habitat for next few days. we are ending on 31st december.

On 25 and 26 we are also doing a performance where people will donate objects to us and tell the memory behind that object. these objects will be later worked by Meenakshi and become part of our next exhibition..


And Yes..on 26th Dr. Samit Mallick will be performing Dhrupad gayan where everyone can come. There is no ticket for it.


and on 27th Chandan Tiwari will sing Bhojpuri folk songs. so please come in all the events and enjoy.

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