The Marine Life in Hosur

IMG_1199 It is not a painting. It was a sheer moments of joy with more than 150 kids and teachers. We played the role of just two moderators.
We are glad that we spread some happiness in a small school in Hosur and in return got so much love.
The last leg of Journey could not have been better than this.
Hosur is a city of automobile manufacturers with a perfect weather of a hill station. The place we stayed was a small colony in which around fifty houses were designed by none other than Charles Correa.
Small, airy and with spacious inside, these houses looked like toy houses from the dreams. Orange, violet, yellow and golden houses made us happy instantly.

IMG_1093The Titan School wanted us to paint in the school with 120 kids of class VI and VIIth.
We had no idea what we were going to paint with 120 kids but luckily we got a huge wall which gave us the opportunity to paint a sea of many creatures.
How this idea of sea came to our mind is difficult to explain. Our major part of travel is through the sea shore so maybe it was in our subconscious.
We got a 30 ft wide wall to paint. We invited kids to make some strokes and after that invited other kids to make some creatures out of those strokes.
At first few fishes came up but then came the flood of new creatures.

A tortoise, a sea horse, a peacock fist, lion fish, Snake, gelly fish, Star fish and singing fish, twin fish and a MERMAID.
Yes a mermaid made by a teacher.
Oh I forgot. When we were painting with the kids, teachers also showed the interest and once they got the permission to touch the colors they made many things on the wall.
At one point it became a picnic for the teachers who loved splashing the colors.
One of the teachers was painstakingly coloring one portion. After one hour a Mermaid came out of the frame.
We said wow and she said, ”It was my dream to paint a mermaid somewhere. Thanks for giving me this opportunity.”

Another teacher gifted a pair of bangles to Meenakshi. At least five students made bookmarks with designs and brought them as a sovenier for Meenakshi.
For two days we didn’t paint but moderated the artists in the kids and teachers.
Where we were painting, kids of nursery, LKG and UKG were playing and they seemed eager to be a part of it.

We decided to do something with them. We decided to paint the palms of those kids to make the border of the painting we named ‘The Marine Life.’
The high point of the painting came when these small kids (after printing their palms on the wall) went back to class and started drawing on their blackboards without anyone asking them to do so.
We had the feeling that we have awaken the artists in those tiny minds and that felt like an achievement in itself.


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