The Ideas factory…..and the trademark Fish


The Engineering college kids had many ideas. One of them wanted to make a device which can automatically make music with the lyrics. One girl wanted to make a robot controlled by mind. One student was keen to try out photography. Someone wanted to make more intelligent machine than those shown in the film- Transformers

At point we felt like we are in an Ideas factory.

IMG_6612 The Riof of colors. Everyone got the chance to throw colors on the wall.


Meenakshi decided to enjoy with the kids. We gave them the bottle of colors and asked them to throw color on the wall. just to open their vision… enjoy….to imagine. No one had a clue what we will make out of it.


Once the kids got the hang of colors. They wanted to throw more and more color on the white wall.

IMG_6615 Every hand was colored….Except One. The guy then got desperate after seeing the photo. He jumped and put colors on his hand.

IMG_6613This is the close shot of the wall with splashed colors…..The wall was more than 20 ft X 20 ft.

IMG_6653 The Complete Picture……is here. Kids left for their classes after splashing the colors and then then Meenakshi made this. We couldn’t click the group photo here because we wanted to give the kids a surprise. They saw it in the evening and told us individually that they loved it.

IMG_6667And the Final picture. Meenakshi two big fishes on the huge wall.  One can guess who the fishes are. Jey and Meenakshi. Ha ha ha ha

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