The Benares couple…

You may remember the story of the Benares couple. If not read it here.


In short : few months back we were invited by someone in Benares. They got to know about us through Facebook.

We met them and got to know their heart-wrenching love story. We are not going to narrate it again here but what we are sharing is the best testimony we got.

While we were in Benares with them we knew that the lady of the house has an interest in painting and during the course of her MBBS she lost touch with the painting.

We never told her or nudged her to go back to painting but we did tell her to follow her heart which is….(the lady has a heart condition where her heart only function half to its capacity)

She followed her heart and few weeks back her husband shared these painting made by her….

We asked him to write a blog for us but in next few days he kept sending another paintings only saying you guys must see these.

We took the permission to use these paintings on our blog. This the best testimony we have got till now.

Have a look at these paintings made by the Benares Couple.




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