Harmony of Smiles and Colors

As a student studying in an international school in Delhi, Mee faced tough times when her parents could not pay the school fees on time. Her father was adamant on providing us good English education inspite of his humble financial condition. Little did he know that it was equally tough for Mee to keep up[…]

The magical Touch…

Since we have asked families and people to write us back explaining how do they remember artologue. we have been getting messages through whatsapp, email, FB and on phone. This painting is made by zara recently. we stayed in zara’s house and did a wall painting in 2014. Zara’s mother and our lovely Shirley aunty[…]

Quake to Colors…

Nagore village was nearly razed to dust in the 2001 earthquake in Gujarat, India. A primarily farmers’ village, within 15kms distance from Bhuj, this village had little to hold on to. All houses were down and barely any schools survived the quake. The village was thrown into an obscure darkness of poverty, illiteracy, unemployment and[…]

Expressing – the smART way!

In the 45 day trip of Artologue, H.H.High school Brambe was our last stop. we spend two days painting with kids. The school is run by Shadab Hasan who has done his MBA and could have earn handsome money working in any Multinational but decided to stay and open a decent school where kids from[…]

Building blocks of life….and much more

When we have great hosts we end up painting more. That’s what happened in Amnour village of Vaishali. so this blog will have more pictures and endless pleasure we had in the rural setting. The work in Amnour started with Meenakshi arranging and mixing the colors. Next Jey had to help kids to prepare for[…]

Sea of colors in Desert

Another day, another school, another chance to create something new. By now we had learnt a little more about the Gandhi Fellows and we decided to involve them in our madness along with the kids. This school was smaller than the previous one with fewer students but equipped with separate learning rooms. I was excited[…]

The Blue Motorcycle…

It was a sunday and no government school is suppose to be opened, but Sheolpura village is unique. They decided to meet the Artologue team on a Sunday with full attendance of teachers and students. We reached late and surprised to see that every student was present in the school and eager to paint. They[…]

Rainbow in Mountains

The Artologue journey reached mountains this time in the scenic land of Srinagar in Uttarakhand. Yes there is a Srinagar in Uttarakhand as well. We were invited by the Rainbow public school to work with their students. The owners of the school were surprised about how we fund our endeavor and we explained that we[…]

”I was beaten up for painting”

Thirteen year old Anil has big eyes and they are searching for something all the time. It sparked when he saw us opening the colour bag. “Aaap painting kartey ho?” (you guys paint?) he asked with glitters in his eyes. He was asked by the family we were staying with, to assist us in the[…]

होसूर की हवाओं में समुद्री जीवन

होसूर की नर्म हवा में घुले ढेर सारे प्रेम ने आर्टोलॉग के आखिर चरण की यात्रा को सुखद बना दिया है. पहले हमें यहां एक घर में पेंट करना था लेकिन अब वहां के द टाइटन स्कूल की प्रिंसिपल चाहती थीं कि हम स्कूल में बच्चों के साथ पेंट करें. 120 बच्चे, संख्या बड़ी थी[…]