Artologue…Please come again

The summer sun is in rage….its hot all over the world. We wanted to travel more but the heat can kill us. for the next few months we have decided to take a break from motorcycle rides but we are still in touch with people who are inviting us and with those where we painted[…]

Opening more Openings…for art

Journey to Jaisalmer was a memorable ride. Fantastic broad roads, bright sun, deep blue clear sky and sandy soil occasionally dotted with mustered farms. Many a time Jey had to stop on road abruptly. No …there were no traffic lights but large herds of sheep, families of Neel Gai, pair of camels or peacocks were[…]

Lodarwa: Red Sun & Orange moon

“Who all are there in your family?”, Meenakshi asked just before entering the house of our host Sumer in Lodrawa, Jaisalmer. “…..My parents, my two elder brothers, their wives and two nephews.” “Ok”. We rode 20 kms away from Jaisalmer city to reach this village. For these 20 kms we experience desert in true sense;[…]

Sea of colors in Desert

Another day, another school, another chance to create something new. By now we had learnt a little more about the Gandhi Fellows and we decided to involve them in our madness along with the kids. This school was smaller than the previous one with fewer students but equipped with separate learning rooms. I was excited[…]

The Blue Motorcycle…

It was a sunday and no government school is suppose to be opened, but Sheolpura village is unique. They decided to meet the Artologue team on a Sunday with full attendance of teachers and students. We reached late and surprised to see that every student was present in the school and eager to paint. They[…]