Why I became Jey…

My official name is Sushil Kumar Jha but now mostly people know me as Jey Sushil. I have been asked a lot of times about Why I changed my surname on Social Media. Here is the answer. Let me confess something very seriously. The first time in my life I felt the importance of my[…]

The tale of half a heart

एक शहर था..जिसमें दो डॉक्टर रहते थे……..पता नहीं कैसे दोनों में प्रेम हुआ….शायद दोनों के दोस्तों ने एक दूसरे को मिलाया…फिर मां बाप मिले और प्रेम हो गया….लड़का सांवला…सलोना सा लड़की गोरी चिट्टी …..जैसी फिल्मों में होती है.. प्रेम कुछ महीने चला…गंगा के घाट पर, रेस्तरां में….आपरेशन थिएटर में….फिर शादी हो गई…. फिर पता नहीं[…]

The poster painter and revolutionary lovers

Jey and Meenakshi used the block prints for the first time in their murals. It was  innovative and intriguing for art lovers to make imprints on the wall. Priyamvad is a comrade who can sketch beautifully.The moment we entered their home, we saw Pash’s poems and sketches by Priyamvad. We asked and got to know[…]

Art from the Heart : Artologue in FEMINA

We never thought that the journey of Artologue will be covered by newspapers but it did. After The Hindu : Art for People’s Sake, It was the well known magazine FEMINA which did a five page photo essay on our Artologue journey. These kind of coverage affirms our belief that Art is for all. Everyone[…]

‘Taking the High Road’

As you know we have been writing about our Bullet travel and Painting on people’s wall. This time Shirley Ann George writes for Artologue. We met the beautiful family of Shirley, Francis, Zerah and her grandmother (Nani) through Shirley’s Son Pheroze. Read Shirley’s impressions about us and the art. We will post the Hindi blog[…]

Krishna-Arjuna in Kundapur

”I never thought in my life that my favorite God and shloka will be painted on my wall so beautifully. I invited you because a close friend referred you. Never expected you to paint such beautiful piece of art….though I have read your blogs.” That was the reaction of Malini Adiga of Kundapur when we[…]

MAG in JNU- Tree of Joy

“Where is the Tree didi? When will it grow?” Rani was constantly asking the question. A five year old girl- daughter of a construction labourer, was deeply involved in the art piece I was trying to make with a group of children. If you want to know more about Meenakshi Jha and Jey Sushil Working[…]