Art is not what you see, but what you make others see

We met Aayush during the exhibition of artologue named Art walle लोग. we came to know that he has been following our journey on Facebook. He promised to write about our Journey and he recently send this piece. Glad to share his write-up. Thanks Aayush. A long time ago, in a land where people believed[…]

Starry Hills with Fishes in Spring Halls

“Here comes the hippies……”. That was the welcoming comment we received when we entered Frank’s home in Gunehar, a village on the mountains of Himachal Pradesh, somewhere near the Bir-Billing, that is probably the only place in India where you can paraglide. We were not there to paraglide but to participate in the ongoing conceptual[…]

सरोकारी है आर्टोलॉग का काम….

इस हफ्ते बिहार और झारखंड से अनुभव चिन्मय और बिदेशिया रंग उर्फ निराला जी का. जो समय उन्होंने बिताया आर्टोलॉग के साथ. पूर्णिया में आर्टोलॉग और जे दंपत्ति के साथ काम करना अनोखा अनुभव रहा. शुरु से लेकर अंत तक कई नई चीज़ों के बारे में जानने का मौका मिला. रंग को जानना, उससे बनने[…]

Opening more Openings…for art

Journey to Jaisalmer was a memorable ride. Fantastic broad roads, bright sun, deep blue clear sky and sandy soil occasionally dotted with mustered farms. Many a time Jey had to stop on road abruptly. No …there were no traffic lights but large herds of sheep, families of Neel Gai, pair of camels or peacocks were[…]

The tears….emotions….and the exhibit…

India Habitat Centre gives an open space where we have displayed the digital prints of murals we have done and objects collected from various homes. In last 20 days more than 500 people have painted on this canvas making whatever they wanted to make. 25 ft canvas have been painted fully and we had to[…]

Come Be an Artist

Today, we want to make a big announcement about artologue. No we are not going on a World Tour……(though we would love to if someone sponsors us) So whats the good news… is about an exhibition. Yes Artologue is exhibiting for the first time. In Delhi we have got an open space in INDIA HABITAT[…]

Marriage and painting : a new experience

Creating a painting for others and marrying a daughter feels alike. Once back from the 45 days Bihar Jharkhand Artologue trip, we had a hard time coping with the fact that we will perhaps never see the paintings we did during the trip. We and especially Meenakshi spent hours going through the same photographs from[…]

We laugh….We learn….We work….We dream…

They were quite……obedient…and sharp. They listened what we had to say in rapt attention. They were kids from very poor backgrounds. Many of them have been rescued as child laborers. Many of them still work as laborers in small shops, factories and in their homes stitching clothes, making doormats, spinning threads and all those works which[…]

Escape to the world of fantasy….

The message was simple, ‘I saw your work. its really good. Can you guys come and paint at our learning centre in Shahpur Jat.’ Jey replied, ‘If you guys work with kids, then why not, but let me ask Meenakshi first.’ Within three days of this conversation on Facebook we landed up in a flat[…]

बुद्ध और तारा पुणे में….

”अबी तो मेरे को घर नय है. जबी मेरा घर होगा तो मैं बुलाएगी तेरे को. खाना भी खिलाएगी. घुमाएगी भी. मेरे घर में भी पेंटिंग करने का.” वंदना काम वाली बाई है लेकिन दीवार पर बनती हुई बुद्ध की पेंटिंग को देखकर उसने हमसे यही बात कही. आम तौर पर  समझा जाता है कि[…]

Buddha and Tara : MAG in Pune

The moment we entered in their house we sensed the serenity and vastness of that of Himalayas. There was a couple standing with parental smiles on their face to welcome us. Tara (Mohanan) aunty and (KP) Mohanan uncle: the celebrated linguist couple welcomed us in their home with open heart. We instantly fell in love[…]

Butterflies in Our Stomach

  The Sun is bright today. welcome February. A month for the high activity of Art (at least in Delhi). India Art fair on the way and many collateral art events all over the month. Newspapers fill with the graffiti artist’s exhibits in the nearby area. In such happening times we are a bit anxious[…]

कुछ चीज़ें उधार रह जानी चाहिए- Experience with MAG

हमारे इस ब्लॉग को पढ़ने और हमें अपने घर आमंत्रित करने की इच्छा रखने वाले कुछ लोगों ने शंकाएं जताई हैं कि वो पेंट नहीं कर सकते. ब्रश नहीं पकड़ सकते. इसलिए हम आज शेयर कर रहे हैं अपने एक मित्र अविनाश कुमार चंचल का अनुभव जिन्होंने MAG-Meenakshi Art Gallery के साथ पेंटिंग की थी[…]

MAG on the Move: Western Ghats

It was one of those wishes you write in your diary- ‘I will travel the world before I die’. I wrote it at least ten times in last ten years. I could have traveled but idea of traveling without any purpose always terrified me. What if I get bored in the middle of the journey?[…]

MAG in JNU- Tree of Joy

“Where is the Tree didi? When will it grow?” Rani was constantly asking the question. A five year old girl- daughter of a construction labourer, was deeply involved in the art piece I was trying to make with a group of children. If you want to know more about Meenakshi Jha and Jey Sushil Working[…]

Art and Artists: MAG in Patna

As I entered the big hall, it looked like a classroom without a teacher. More than thirty people were in the hall. There were huge desks where artists were working, contemplating and creating their respective art-pieces. Everyone seemed engrossed in their work. I was looking for Meenakshi who was also a participant in the Young[…]