Art is not what you see, but what you make others see

We met Aayush during the exhibition of artologue named Art walle लोग. we came to know that he has been following our journey on Facebook. He promised to write about our Journey and he recently send this piece. Glad to share his write-up. Thanks Aayush. A long time ago, in a land where people believed[…]

जेल के करतब और कलाकार होने का अनुभव

हमारी हरी बुलेट डासना जेल के गेट पर रुकने ही वाली थी कि सिपाही ने डपटा, ‘इधर किधर जाय रहे हो.’  हमने कहा जेलर साब ने बुलाया है. पूछताछ हुई. बड़ा सा ताला खुला. मोबाइल फोन जब्त किए गए. बैग ले लिया गया और हाथों में लगाया गया स्टांप. जैसे डिस्को वगैरह में जाने पर[…]

Moments make you what you are…

Dasna jail broke all the myths we had about a jail. Actually till now, we had seen jails only in films. We expected the scenes of dreaded criminals, bad food, stern jailers beating the prisoners and barracks overflowing with shit. Contrary to that, we found a very neat and clean jail campus where bad elements[…]

Goosebumps in the jail…

We were not exactly excited by the offer to paint in the Dasna jail with the prisoners. We were nervous, sceptical and worried about what is going to happen. Jey was tense as he didn’t want this to happen like a media managed PR event where media gets a limited access to prisoners and all[…]