Art is not what you see, but what you make others see

We met Aayush during the exhibition of artologue named Art walle लोग. we came to know that he has been following our journey on Facebook. He promised to write about our Journey and he recently send this piece. Glad to share his write-up. Thanks Aayush. A long time ago, in a land where people believed[…]

Artologue…Please come again

The summer sun is in rage….its hot all over the world. We wanted to travel more but the heat can kill us. for the next few months we have decided to take a break from motorcycle rides but we are still in touch with people who are inviting us and with those where we painted[…]

Artologue turns 3….

Artologue: Art for all, our dream project enters its third year in August 2015. While colours, journeys to new places, participation of the viewers  and creative exchange formed the core of the project, there’s much more to it. It is as much a journey of ours as a couple, Mee and Jey as individuals as[…]

Art from the Heart : Artologue in FEMINA

We never thought that the journey of Artologue will be covered by newspapers but it did. After The Hindu : Art for People’s Sake, It was the well known magazine FEMINA which did a five page photo essay on our Artologue journey. These kind of coverage affirms our belief that Art is for all. Everyone[…]

Artologue gets covered in ‘The Hindu’

The west coast trip has ended on 4th of march. There is so much to be written. The last blog from Chennai will come shortly but before that we would like to share a good piece of news. Artologue gets a coverage in the most respectable newspaper of India- The Hindu. The reporter came to[…]

होसूर की हवाओं में समुद्री जीवन

होसूर की नर्म हवा में घुले ढेर सारे प्रेम ने आर्टोलॉग के आखिर चरण की यात्रा को सुखद बना दिया है. पहले हमें यहां एक घर में पेंट करना था लेकिन अब वहां के द टाइटन स्कूल की प्रिंसिपल चाहती थीं कि हम स्कूल में बच्चों के साथ पेंट करें. 120 बच्चे, संख्या बड़ी थी[…]

कुंडापुर में कृष्ण और अर्जुन

गोवा से कुंडापुर की दूरी ढाई सौ किलोमीटर के आसपास है और रास्ते में समुद्र की नमी महसूस होती है, नज़रें घुमाएं तो या तो खूबसूरत तट दिखते हैं या फिर घने जंगल. इन सब को पार करते हुए कुंडापुर के नज़दीक पहुंचते ही समुद्र तट और बैकवार्टर्स का अदभुत नज़ारा देखने को मिलता है.[…]

Krishna-Arjuna in Kundapur

”I never thought in my life that my favorite God and shloka will be painted on my wall so beautifully. I invited you because a close friend referred you. Never expected you to paint such beautiful piece of art….though I have read your blogs.” That was the reaction of Malini Adiga of Kundapur when we[…]

Flying with Pari in Goa

Goa was our holiday destination but we ended up painting in a 200 year old Portuguese house there. It was all unplanned. Someone referred us to Ravi and Kasia. Neither we nor they were sure whether the painting was going to happen or not. We had a small chat on phone and decided to meet[…]

Buddha and Tara : MAG in Pune

The moment we entered in their house we sensed the serenity and vastness of that of Himalayas. There was a couple standing with parental smiles on their face to welcome us. Tara (Mohanan) aunty and (KP) Mohanan uncle: the celebrated linguist couple welcomed us in their home with open heart. We instantly fell in love[…]

Butterflies in Our Stomach

  The Sun is bright today. welcome February. A month for the high activity of Art (at least in Delhi). India Art fair on the way and many collateral art events all over the month. Newspapers fill with the graffiti artist’s exhibits in the nearby area. In such happening times we are a bit anxious[…]

MAG on the Move: Western Ghats

It was one of those wishes you write in your diary- ‘I will travel the world before I die’. I wrote it at least ten times in last ten years. I could have traveled but idea of traveling without any purpose always terrified me. What if I get bored in the middle of the journey?[…]