अमरीका में घूमती मछलियां…..

अमरीका आते समय जिस बात का दुख सबसे अधिक था उसमें एक बात यही थी कि आर्टोलॉग को कैसे आगे बढ़ाया जाएगा क्योंकि मीनाक्षी की पढ़ाई फिर से शुरु हो रही थी. हालांकि ये तय किया गया कि छुट्टियों में आर्टोलॉग का काम जारी रहेगा. इसी कारण पिछले साल हमने दतिया, फिरोज़पुर और अमरीका आने[…]

A fish aquarium at the autism centre – First community art project in USA

My first community art project in a new country and thats too with an autism centre was not easy but at the end everything ended perfectly as it happens in almost all the projects of artologue. Even before coming to United States, I had opted for community art project in my course in Saint Louis,[…]

Diary of a House-Husband

It is almost six months now since we have shifted to US for a year or two depending on circumstances. In these months Mee has changed from an artist working mainly in her studio space to an artist studying, teaching, making new artworks and being a mother…all at once. On the other hand, I am[…]