Art is not what you see, but what you make others see

We met Aayush during the exhibition of artologue named Art walle लोग. we came to know that he has been following our journey on Facebook. He promised to write about our Journey and he recently send this piece. Glad to share his write-up. Thanks Aayush.

 Untitled : Artologue Canvas on which around 1600 people painted, 15x25 feet, acrylic on canvas, 2015

Untitled : Artologue Canvas on which around 1600 people painted, 15×25 feet, acrylic on canvas, 2015

A long time ago, in a land where people believed that arts is for intellectuals and cannot be comprehended by layman, and that ever could a common man have an artist inside him. A power couple emerged to bust the myth. This couple had something about them, two in body one in mind. They set off on a journey on their ‘haribhari’ to rescue masses from this notion.


It was a year after Meenakhi expressed that she did not want to keep the artist inside her confined to just the galleries,  that Jey thought to explore his burning desire of traveling like a free bird, which is when they decided to leave the imprints of their love for art all over the country. Jey, journalist by profession who discovered that he can even be a story teller joined hands with his bestie, life partner and companion Meenakshi , a color obsessed visual artist from JNU to urge the people from the places they visited to liberate the artist residing in them.

And the journey began.

Mee and Jey

The journey began which took them to Kutch to Ranchi to Chennai to Kashmir. They travelled all across the country and painted walls with people from different walks of life. Their presence splashed colors of life in homes, schools , orphanages and even jails.

‘Art for All ‘remained their only motto.

After three years of tirelessly travelling from one place to another, they left the people from the destinations they visited awestruck. People were involved from ideation to execution. Art for all broke all the barriers of discrimination and hierarchy .

Meenakshi painting with a kid

The Jey couple were invited and offered platform to which they brought justice by bringing everyone together and painting a wall , door, window……anything which was available for presenting the beauty of colors.

The group photo

Their current venture ‘I in Togetherness’ is truly inspiring. We ignore the innate nature of life ‘to change every second’ and live engrossed in cobwebs of life. Their  project sends a strong message to all who do not understand how we evolve as a person with our partners or anyone around us for the matter of fact. Togetherness is not restricted to being in love with each other ,it’s growing up to be a better person together and looking forward for a future as a companion. Togetherness comes with following your passions and letting the other person to be what he wants to be.


Meenakshi J. and Jey Sushil , you are trailblazers for the common masses, helping them awaken their artistic side. Your project of Artologue has won our hearts and all your posts have been heart touching. Mr Edgar Degas rightly said “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”


In the bustle of life we often forget the contribution of arts in our life. The manner in which your posts have evoked the essence of art in the common things of life is simply phenomenal. Every post of yours comes with an overwhelming story behind it. Your work has given a new dimension to us, to see life with a different vision and enjoy life in its rudimentary form.

WAY TO GO ARTOLOGUE. More Power to the ART!


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