I in Togetherness

 It’s not easy travelling everyday and as you know one has to earn for a living. We are not travelling doesn’t mean we are not thinking about art and travel.

 We are exploring ourselves everyday and want you to come with us on a journey. The journey called ‘I’ in Togetherness where MEE and JEY explores how they are growing as a couple. It’s a series of 52 photographs in 52 weeks exploring our lives and how we have impacted each other. Every Saturday a photo comes on Instagram , Twitter and our Facebook accounts. Check them out. Here is the series which will enter on its 8th week on 2nd July.

Enjoy and please write what you think about it.


jeysushil‘I’ in Togetherness: week 7. A series of photographs exploring how partners grow over each other. How they keep their I and still be Together by copying, drinking, eating, fighting learning and inspiring each other.and Yes SMOKING each other.without knowing partners impact each other. That’s the theme of this idea.
Mee and Jey DO NOT SMOKE but they thought to try in once and it was a nightmare of coughing for many hours. Bothe got exhausted but felt a sense of doing something together, something they never tried…something they did together for the first time. And Do not ask what we are smoking in this picture..its off course.

meenakshi.jeyWeek 7- “I” in Togetherness: A series of photo journey into life of an artist couple. My Ruling Element is Fire and Jey’s Ruling Element is Air. With the moisture of our Understanding, Smoke is created that represents a balanced play of Fire, Air, Water And Earth that takes our love higher into the world of Gods


jeysushilWEEK 6: ‘I’ in Togetherness. In the hot humid weather of Delhi…when swimming is the only option to relax…Jey follows Mee afterwards in decorating his forehead. Vermillion….considered as a symbol of marriage for women in the Hindu code of marriage…Jey wanted to change it and put Vermillion on his forehead to feel what Mee feels when she puts Vermillion in her head..Jey only feels one thing…My name is Red..one of the all time favourite book of Jey by Orhan pamuk.

meenakshi.jey“I” in Togetherness. Week 6.
Mee from Venus & Jey from Mars are learning to live together, married to each other, making each other feel comfortable like never before. We fight like cats, yell like dogs but talk and talk it out till we r dead tired only to sleep in each other’s arms


jeysushilWEEK 5: ‘I’ in Togetherness. The travel bounds us. There is a traveller in everyone.we found our traveller. We started with religious tourism and now graduated to spiritual one where we dont need any temple or mosque. Just the nature make our spirit free.
It was not easy to find the traveller in you. You have to do the hard work.
To know how we grew while travelling one has to see our art-travel project artologue.

meenakshi.jeyWeek 5. “I” in Togetherness. Mee from Venus & Jey from Mars are realizing our childhood dreams with every passing day.. Mee wants to scribble/ paint the whole world with her colors as if it claim it as her’s and Jey wants to become tiny in order to be able to go anywhere and everywhere without being stopped and noticed… we are realizing our true nature, the untamed.. raw…


jeysushilWEEK 4: ‘I’ in Togetherness. There is a genesis of the headgear which MEE started to wear in last five years. Then Jey wanted to copy it on the art-travels. And one day jey copied it ti know what goes inside the head of Mee once she wore the headgear.
Afterwards Jey doesn’t wonder why Mee dons the headgear. Now Jey knows what happens.

meenakshi.jey“I” in Togetherness. Week 4. A photo journey in to the life of a couple.
Mee from Venus and Jey from Mars are life Fire and Air. Both are vital for each other but absence or excesses of one can extinguish or invalidate other. Living together is about striking a new balance with each other because both of us are growing everyday in each other’s arms.


jeysushilWEEK 3: ‘I’ in Togetherness. Jey always fascinated by long hairs but was beaten up and scolded for his long hairs in school. After marriage Jey not only fell in love with Mee’s long hairs but also started growing his own. Mee takes cares of both of them.Today the colorful bands knotted by Mee for Jey….love blossoms in the colors of these band…Mee and Jey flies with these colors in the journey called life.

meenakshi.jeyWeek 3: “I” in Togetherness. Mee from Venus & Jey from Mars. A photo journey into life of a couple. #i

Its 39 degree Celcius at home. Felt like boiling within the skin. Mee decided to tie Jey’s hairs in a bun and then Jey put wet towels on all the windows..They had decided not to use air conditioner except when they sleep.
Mee joked while making the hair bun..Jey ..you look like a sardaarji. Jey smiled back and said..I want to paint.The photos got clicked…second week in the series of “I” in togetherness.2

meenakshi.jey“I” in Togetherness. Week 2. M from Venus and Jey from Mars fell in love. Two very different people in Togetherness became like each other. Tongue, taste, aesthetics and dreams.#jeycouple

Mee-Jey trying to understand the impact of togetherness..how “I” impacts us…How two become One..How living together makes you alike…How it forms one’s Identity.. It is Mee-Jey’s attempt to know the Unknown territories of togetherness.

meenakshi.jey“I” in Togetherness. Week 1. A series of photo journey in our life as couple.
Mee from Venus and Jey from Mars fell in love and over the years began to mirror each other. Jey became artist with Mee and Mee became traveller with Jey



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