Diary of a House-Husband

It is almost six months now since we have shifted to US for a year or two depending on circumstances. In these months Mee has changed from an artist working mainly in her studio space to an artist studying, teaching, making new artworks and being a mother…all at once.

On the other hand, I am  metamorphosing from a full-time journalist to a house-husband as I am on a career break and can’t work in US. The change has not been easy to say the least but life has never been easy for me.

I have been cooking, cleaning, shopping, making beds, carrying art works and above all helping Meenakshi in taking care of the baby. All the skills acquired on the job from cooking a nice vegetarian meal to massaging a baby with oil, burping him, cleaning his poop and putting him to sleep late in the nights.

I have been singing on top of my shrill voice to the baby and he has been crying aloud listening to my nasty unlistenable songs but thats how we are- like father like son. I am sure he will complain when he will grow up but for the time being both of us are growing, he as a kid and me as a father.

My daily routines are still in the Indian time. I wake up late in the morning and sleep again in the afternoon here which is night time in India. In the evenings I wake up and after a cup of tea, I feel fresh to make dinner and then I am fully awake ready to rock and roll. In those hours, I realise that its day time in India which is basically my office hours.

Even now when I am writing this blog, it is around 1 am in US which is around 12.30 pm in India. In these lonely nights (mother and baby asleep) I think about life and the ups and downs. Sitting on a small couch watching mindless TV, I think about the futility of life and realise that nothing is permanent.

I never thought I will be in US ever and thats too on a career break. My friends have been saying that this is the best can happen to anyone. I would love to believe that and I have been doing some really good things on this break…especially reading books. I always wanted to write but on this break, I also realised, how much I have loved my work and I miss it like anything. It is not because of the money but sheer work gives me the pleasure.

But lets not be a cry baby and focus on what is good to come out of this break. I have been reading some books and have been writing about my American experience on Facebook every week but now onwards I will be writing it in here mostly.

So switching off for today. will be back every week with a new blog about life of an Indian family in USA. A life mix of a student and a house husband and a baby.


3 thoughts on “Diary of a House-Husband

  • This is must read for every wannabe father in order to know that not just only baby grows but father also grows as well. loved it.

  • Enjoyed reading the blog post Jey. Having met you three, finally, last Sunday, I am certain you guys are doing great and will be doing even better in the months and years to come. Baby Sabad will make changes in your lives more than you may be thinking. And that is not a bad thing. I understand your feelings of despondence resulting from a sudden departure from a busy and productive routine and how that might be depressing at times. Not sure if I have much to offer as advice or antidote here. But I do remember how I felt very lonely and missed my busy, albeit not all that productive life, after I arrived in Southern California from Kolkata, as an immigrant in July of 1970. Compounding that fact was the absence of Banti, who had to stay back to complete her studies. I too was despondent. But things changed with the passing of time. I hardly think of those days of the doldrums any more. So hang loose! You will be doing fine. Reading is always a good thing. That you find plenty of time for it, is a blessing that you will remember the rest of your life. All the best to Mee, Sabad and you. See you again soon.

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