Butterflies in Our Stomach


IMG_0441The Sun is bright today. welcome February. A month for the high activity of Art (at least in Delhi). India Art fair on the way and many collateral art events all over the month.
Newspapers fill with the graffiti artist’s exhibits in the nearby area. In such happening times we are a bit anxious and tense.
you can call it- we are having butterflies in our stomach. we are starting our journey to the west coast of India. traveling from Pune to Chennai on our Bullet.
Before boarding the train I am edgy and Meenakshi is a bit tense. We have to paint at several places. Only from pune we have got seven invites. we will be painting at two houses.
The experience will be good for sure and we will learn something new but we are still anxious.
May be because we are doing it on a big scale this time. driving almost 1500 km in a month. a bit tricky and full of adventures.
One of the families where we will be painting in Pune is a family of learned people. He studied and taught in finest colleges (MIT and Stanford) in USA and has keen interest in Art……..
Another family from Hosur told us that we can paint in the school with kids where they teach. another family wanted us to come and stay. Painting….they doesnt seem to worry about much.
In Delhi, we have packed our bags. when you are reading this. we might be in the train to pune with our green Bullet.
we called up friends and shared the anxiety. A dear friend told us- you guys are doer. Another photograper friend helped us to overcome our anxiety by doing a photo-shoot with us.
we felt good. lots of best of lucks. feeling under a bit of pressure.
Its action time.
Last night Meenakshi was chatting with a well known Art Critic and he said-  Wish you best of luck for your daring experiment in Art.
With those words…  I would end the blog for the day. keep coming to the blog. we will keep updating.
Please meet us if you live in any of these areas- Pune-Amboli-Goa-Karwar-Koteswar(Mangalore)- Bangalore-Hosur-Chennai


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