Big Bird……Small Birds….


Time doesn’t pass. It flies. 46 days passed since we came back from our Bullet Trip to South India. We miss paintings on walls, chat with strangers, the beautiful roads we travelled and the friends we made in just few days.

We wanted to travel and paint till we die but bread and butter needed to be taken care off. The careers needed to be looked after. Friends and well-wishers came home; they wanted to know our experiences.

We talked but somewhere we wanted to be on roads again.

Meenakshi missed the green patches, vast blue-green sea and birds. I missed the beautiful rides. In memory of our journey we decided to paint something on our very own walls. This time we decided to take help from friends.


Few weeks back we called up some friends on the pretext of lunch. When they arrived we asked them to paint. Those who came to know our story became a part of our story.

Different birds were Meenakshi’s idea. She loves chirping birds and we wake up every morning by the fighting of Mainas in front-park of our home.

Meenakshi painted the outlines and asked others to fill colours. Keshav, an engineering student wanted to color the duck. Vikas, a reputed photographer of a well known magazine took the brush very enthusiastically and started painting the parrot.


Abhishek and his friend Shivani painted the love birds in the corner. Once vikas finished the parrot, he wanted to paint more and he did paint one more bird. That was blue.

(It was fun seeing them painting. Meenakshi was relaxed. I felt like creating the travel magic again. No one talked about paintings; they were deeply submerged in doing something they never thought they will do.)

Colors filled our voids and the restlessness was gone. All painted among giggles and with an unseen serenity on their faces.

The birds are still on the wall. Peacock looks better than others because Meenakshi took special care of it. The Peacock is joining the gathering of birds on a wire.


Take a closer look at other bird’s expression. While they are a bit unsettled and surprised with the arrival of Peacock, Peacock is staring back as if saying “why can’t I too join the chorus?

I like the idea, a very simple one. One big bird encroaching in the space of other smaller ones. Whenever “small birds” make it ‘Big’, a big bird tries to encroach (claim) in their success party. The fun is in not being unsettled by their presence or approach and continue with your journey.

That usually happens in life. Isn’t it? Okay I am not going to philosophise the painting.

Just enjoy you guys who helped in creating this painting on our wall and also those who are reading it and supported us in our journey.

And yes we are planning to travel again. This time it will be for a shorter period but will do some more paintings, meet some more strangers and make some more new friends.


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