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The summer sun is in rage….its hot all over the world. We wanted to travel more but the heat can kill us.

for the next few months we have decided to take a break from motorcycle rides but we are still in touch with people who are inviting us and with those where we painted earlier.

They also wanted us to come again. for next few weeks we will publish the testimonies of families, schools, communities, friends made during these journeys….so that you can understand what people think about us.

Here is the first few of them. if you want to invite us..please mail us on or Facebook us on Arotologue: art for all or tweet us @artologue

——-Malini Adiga, Kundapur (One of the most beautiful places one can stay in between Goa and Mangalore)


I first heard of Artologue and Mee-Jey (Meenakshi and Sushil) through an old friend of mine who rang up and told me they were coming to Mangalore and if I would mind their staying with me.

Read about the Krishna Arjun here

He said Meenakshi liked to paint and Sushil to write and they made a habit of staying with people and painting on their walls. At that point I did not quite understand about the painting bit.

But I was happy to host two young people who were from JNU and said so. They came a fortnight later and I had a lovely time chatting about old times and professors.

By that time I had understood what they meant by painting walls. We decided to do a Krishna and Arjuna and Meenakshi gave it a special twist by making them in fish forms.

It nevertheless captures the Gita and the frosting on the cake is my favourite stanza from the Gita. It gives the house a special character. Every visitor asks about it because it is so unique.

————————-Abhishek kumar chanchal.……Gandhi fellow

Richa and many other fellows helped kids

Richa and many other fellows helped kids

It has been two years now. I was working as a gandhi fellow in khetri, Rajasthan. I knew about artologue from JNU where I was working with the Unnoticed group. This group was teaching the kids of construction labourers of JNU. I had invited artologue team to spend some time with them.

later when I joined gandhi fellowship where I was working with the schools, I invited Mee-Jey to paint with kids. they came on a green Bullet and worked in two schools involving all the kids in the school.

They spend time with the community and felt like a family though they stayed for just four days.

we painted our palms and gave prints

we painted our palms and gave prints

after they left we still use their techniques to teach kids. something like making flower out of words, faces out of words and kids enjoy that kind of technique.

artologue showed us the way to reach more people and develop a connect with the community.  It involves youth, kids and people of all ages which is unique. We have incorporated their technique and with the help of teachers, we painted in five schools.

The community liked this idea so much that now in many schools they want something like this to be organised.

Our community of kids and their parents are still talking about this couple and telling us that they enjoyed the whole idea of painting together.

thanks to artologue. I have joined other institution in Mewat now and intend to invite them again.

Read the blog from Khetri here and here.

———-Shekhar Harshvardhan, Amnour village, Vaishali, Bihar

more fun

I live in Bihar and came to know about artologue through Facebook postings of Jey Sushil. I invited them to come and paint in a village school. They agreed which surprised me. They asked for food and stay and love…which surprised me more.

Read what we did in amnour school here.

Everyone in the village started asking about this crazy couple who travel on bullet, carry their own paints…do not charge anything..only take money if given voluntarily..

They decided to paint in a school which was under construction. they used the walls in a way that all the paintings looked like part of the construction. The best thing was the way they involved all the teachers, kids and those who were just standing there seeing them working.

The group photo

This idea is amazing and these two people know how to involve a community. after they left we tried to paint one wall with the kids and it felt really good. we are trying to implement the idea in our village but I think we need them to come once more to our village and work with the villagers for a week.

Everyone will paint

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