Art from the Heart : Artologue in FEMINA

We never thought that the journey of Artologue will be covered by newspapers but it did. After The Hindu : Art for People’s Sake, It was the well known magazine FEMINA which did a five page photo essay on our Artologue journey.

These kind of coverage affirms our belief that Art is for all. Everyone can understand and they can be creative in their very own way. That was the motto of Artologue since beginning.

In last two years Artologue has traveled from the concept to execution. we traveled around Six thousand kilometers and made new friends. Though we never asked for money but some families paid us. The money helps us in financing the next journey so we feel good when get paid.

Ha Ha Ha….

Lets not bother you much with money talk. Here are the scanned coverage of the Femina magazine. If you want to read it in print then you have to buy Femina of 6 August.


The kodak moment was in Pune after completing the Buddha with his Eight signs. As usual Mohanan Uncle said something which we couldn’t resist laughing out. Read the Pune blog here.


This was the route we took in February 2014 to cover around 2200 km. Painted at six places and met eight families. Stayed with them and spread colors with them.


GOA was a divine connection with Pari. Jey still wants to write a whole blog on Pari only. Since the trip we have met this family twice in last six months. Want to how we met?  then Click here to know.


HOSUR was our biggest experiment on the level of scale. We had never painted with 200 kids but the outcome was inspirational. want to know more ……???   here is the blog from Hosur.

PG-5Before embarking on the journey we painted in JNU with kids of Construction laborers. The last picture is also from a family in Hosur (Femina got it wrong as Kundapur). The 80 year old grandmother was most excited to paint her favourite goat,  anandvalli. here is the Anandvalli experience from the pen of Sherly Ann George

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