November 22, 2013

About Meenakshi J. and Jey Sushil

MJ and Jey

Okay, before you read our blog, let us introduce ourselves. We are Jey Sushil and Meenakshi Jey. Though we got married few years back but we are still the best friends.

Meenakshi is an artist who is interested in bringing the art from the Galleries to the homes and hearts of common people. A post graduate from JNU in History and Mphil in Art history, she decided to pursue her passion- Painting. 

Jey is a journalist by profession but recently discovered that he can write too. Jey writes only for two things-for myself and for money. Meenakshi thinks he is a story-teller.

Our chemistry is all about words and colors. At present collaborating on few projects together, we also run our home together. 

The Artologue project is all about learning from others and we are trying to prick the artist in everyone’s heart.

If you want us to come at your place, paint a wall of yours and write about it then please mail us at or send a message on Facebook id – Jey Sushil.

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33 thoughts on “About Meenakshi J. and Jey Sushil

  • आप लोग तो भई बहत अद्भुत और रोचक मनई हैं. आपसे तो जल्द ही मिलने का प्लान बनाना पड़ेगा.

  • आपका काम देखकर अच्छा लगा…. Jey Sushil और Meenakshi के रूप में आपका खूबसूरत जोड़ा सभी के जीवन में रंगों के माध्यम जो खुशियां बांटने का कार्य कर रहा है वो सच में बेजोड़ है…..हमारी शुभकामनाएं आपके साथ हैं यूं ही आगे बढ़ते रहिए। रजनीश गर्ग

  • It was simply wonderful to meet Sushil and Meenakshi. I was overwhelmed to see such a lively couple. Their spirit and creative eye. Their varied knowledge and a spectacular outlook, about, people, things and life. Amazing artists they are. God Bless you both 🙂

  • Hello Mee-Jey.. read all your recent blogs in one go… I liked everything about you both… your creativity, your passion for painting, your mission, your efforts to live for what you both believe in & most of all… cover picture of your Artologue. :-), I have not seen many people who live for their passion…I also follow you on FB as just like your paintings your words also create art… If you don’t mind I wanna ask a couple of questions… what is Meenakshi ji is wearing on her head..? .. a pagri.. or she just tied a dupatta around her head…& how do you travel across India for painting? on your Bullet…? really..?

    • Hi Chitra. Thanks a tonnn for ur Smily… Thanks for following our blog and updates of Artologue: Art for All so closely and for your lovely encouraging complements. I wear long scarves on my head as pagdi. Yes, we have traveled from Pune-Goa-Udupi-Hampi-Banglore-Hosur to Chennai and Delhi to Amritsar-Udhampur-Srinagar-Pahalgam-Udhampur on our green coloured Bullet. She is our faithful and wonderful companion. And yes we are planning to visit all the families (nearly 50) from different parts of India in a year long Artologue trip. But we are waiting for some funds coz its difficult to undertake such long term project without a regular income. Keep reading and commenting on our blogs. We need ur feedback to keep improving our writing and art..

  • Hey!!! good afternoon
    i am glad after reading your blog and seeing you guys personally at NIV on last Saturday, i was so inquisitive to know about you people more , how do you work , what inspires you , what our your ambition and are you guys looking beyond this any other end results or seeking people getting happiness and your every work is worth and so on and so forth but unfortunately i could not speak and i was mum and kept watching you people at NIV .
    sorry , forgot to mention i am Akansha wadhwani , student of JMI art history and art appreciation, so i just wanna give you people my heartiest best wishes and if its possible can we meet personally and can talk about your experiences because i some how fell you guys have given me a high to work .
    thanks a ton , i really enjoyed every bit of your work .
    Love love

    • Hello Akansha. We are so glad that you liked our work. We intend to ignite creative fires of people and show them that there is a better way of living life to the fullest. Colours, new places, smiles and kids inspire us to fly with our colours to places. All I want is to travel the whole world with my colours and spread smiles of self-creative-realization in the world while Sushil loves traveling itself.
      It is difficult to explain much in words but yes we can surely meet someday. You can give me a call on 09717077167 or email me at

  • Today seen lots of your creative stuff on your FB wall. all are just speechless and inspiring ..
    hats off to you both 🙂

  • You guys rock i jst luv ur work which ur spreading among people i wish i would also a part of artologue n i like meenakshi too her style which insist me to follow u guys luv u all the best ….

      • Ya sure im from allahabad when ever u come at allahabad let me know im inviting in my city. It will b a pleasure for me.

  • Loved to see what you guys are up-to. I am a research professional, and work at an office in IHC. I have been seeing your illustration on a daily bases as I enter my office or move around. By virtue of working at IHC, I was so used to browsing exhibition and art work. Anyway, so what attracted my attention is the shear love by which you work ‘together’ embracing those who have no means to see this side of coin. I would love to be like you guys one day, leaving behind this monotony.

    • Thanks Ankit for these beautiful words. Would love to see around.this show is in IHC till 31st. U r welcome to bring ur family and friends to paint and see.

  • Hi,
    I saw ur exhibition yesterday and i was truly amazed to see the love and passion you two have for your work which sort of comes out in leaps and bounds by just looking at ur work. Lots of people are passionate about something in their lives but not many get to live it. I am happier to know you both are able to do it. I would definitely like you to come to our house in Delhi and paint, if possible.

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