The Jey Couple on their Art-Journey

Meenakshi and Jey began with a simple idea. How can we bring art and travel together? The founders of Artlogue talks to Narayana Menon K about their passion for the road and for art. Taking the idea of “painting the town red” literally, they went ahead and painted the town, although in vibrant colours of[…]

What’s in a name : #Threesomeisawesome, Week 2

Shakespeare has said, What’s in a name but if you go by Indian way of names then there is a lot in a name. In the second week of the #threesomeisawesome series, We will be talking about How we zeroed in on the name of our new born and Why a name is important in[…]

अमरीका में घूमती मछलियां…..

अमरीका आते समय जिस बात का दुख सबसे अधिक था उसमें एक बात यही थी कि आर्टोलॉग को कैसे आगे बढ़ाया जाएगा क्योंकि मीनाक्षी की पढ़ाई फिर से शुरु हो रही थी. हालांकि ये तय किया गया कि छुट्टियों में आर्टोलॉग का काम जारी रहेगा. इसी कारण पिछले साल हमने दतिया, फिरोज़पुर और अमरीका आने[…]