Why I became Jey…

My official name is Sushil Kumar Jha but now mostly people know me as Jey Sushil. I have been asked a lot of times about Why I changed my surname on Social Media. Here is the answer. Let me confess something very seriously. The first time in my life I felt the importance of my[…]

I in Togetherness: Week 43 to 52

I in Togetherness: An online performative series by #jeycouple for 52 weeks in which they grace their growth as individuals and as couples. Week 43: Theme: Ageing  Jey Sushil:  How to age is an integral part of conversation between Mee and Jey. Mee is very compassionate towards older people and Jey has no idea how[…]

I in Togetherness- Week 33-42

I in Togetherness: journey of a couple in 52 weeks as couple and as individuals. Week 33 Theme: Gods Jey Sushil : Though Mee and Jey are not religious as such but they have their own favourite gods, their own likings for Gods. Jey is fond of Hanuman since his childhood, though he had a brush[…]

Book Review- Walk through walls by Marina Abramovic

Marina Abramovic is an icon in the world of performance art. Her memoir ‘Walk through walls: A memoir’ has been published recently. Jey Sushil read the book and shares his view. Reading ‘Walk through walls’ by Marina Abramovic’ was exciting in the beginning and I was so eager to know about the phenomenal artist that[…]

Where Buddha Weeps…..

Those who have been reading Jey Sushil in last few years, knows that Jaduguda is close to him and he is bothered about the problem of radioactive waste in Jaduguda. He did a radio documentary and series of reports for BBC Hindi in 2006. He wrote a long piece in english in his diary but[…]

History-Geography: Male-female

Despite Facebook being a non-serious medium, we find some serious writing on it at times. If some of these anarchic, spontaneous and unconnected posts are put together it becomes like a poem or a story. At certain points Jey sushi’s writings becomes something like this which needs to be put in one place and when[…]