The poster painter and revolutionary lovers

Jey and Meenakshi used the block prints for the first time in their murals. It was  innovative and intriguing for art lovers to make imprints on the wall. Priyamvad is a comrade who can sketch beautifully.The moment we entered their home, we saw Pash’s poems and sketches by Priyamvad. We asked and got to know[…]

अंतहीन आकाश और सपनों के रंग

अक्सर ही कोई बुलाता है…अपने घर…याद नहींं प्रियंवद ने कैसे बुलाया था…पर इतना याद है कि फोन पर बात करते समय प्रियंवद संयत और अत्यंत मधुर लगे थे….बात कैसे बढ़ी ये भी याद नहींं..लेकिन पहुंच गए थे हम पेंटिंग करने…..हम अपना अनुभव इस ब्लॉग के बाद साझा करेंगे लेकिन पहले प्रियंंवद और विभावरी ने जो[…]

Escape to the world of fantasy….

The message was simple, ‘I saw your work. its really good. Can you guys come and paint at our learning centre in Shahpur Jat.’ Jey replied, ‘If you guys work with kids, then why not, but let me ask Meenakshi first.’ Within three days of this conversation on Facebook we landed up in a flat[…]

Sea of colors in Desert

Another day, another school, another chance to create something new. By now we had learnt a little more about the Gandhi Fellows and we decided to involve them in our madness along with the kids. This school was smaller than the previous one with fewer students but equipped with separate learning rooms. I was excited[…]

The Blue Motorcycle…

It was a sunday and no government school is suppose to be opened, but Sheolpura village is unique. They decided to meet the Artologue team on a Sunday with full attendance of teachers and students. We reached late and surprised to see that every student was present in the school and eager to paint. They[…]