Art and Artists: MAG in Patna

As I entered the big hall, it looked like a classroom without a teacher. More than thirty people were in the hall. There were huge desks where artists were working, contemplating and creating their respective art-pieces. Everyone seemed engrossed in their work. I was looking for Meenakshi who was also a participant in the Young[…]

रज़ा के बहाने…रोटी और शब्द

एस एच रज़ा पूरा नाम सैय्यद हैदर रज़ा. हाथों की ऊंगलियां इतनी लंबी कि देखते ही लगे हो न हो ये पेंटर ही होगा.मैंने कभी किसी बड़े पेंटर को इतने नज़दीक से नहीं देखा था. बीबीसी पर रज़ा का एक इंटरव्यू देखा था. तब वो पेरिस में थे और लौटने वाले थे. तब से कहीं[…]

Tarun, Tutu-Butu and Big fish

The moment he saw us, he came galloping to us like a horse. It was the moment of joy to see an old buddy. He was Tarun. We studied together in Class XI and XII. We were meeting after almost a gap of ten years. MAG on the Move: MUMBAI After the school we went[…]